Virginia Michele + Virginia Faye

Virginia Michele + Virginia Faye

Virginia Michele is a strategy and events group based in Baltimore, MD. We plan simple, elegant events executed with calm precision.

Since I was little, my grandmother has always been my role model. She is the epitome of grace, class, and perseverance. 
Her name is Virginia.

In my grandmother's family the women go by their middle name. I grew up as Michele and have explained "Virginia" at every orientation. I come from three generations of Virginias across both sides of the family; and my parents met at... you guessed it, the University of Virginia.

When coming up with the name of this new venture I debated about utilizing my name, and realized it wasn't just my name. I come from a long line of confident, competent, and cool in the face of god-knows-what women who meet challenges with calm smiles. I guarantee you'll feel the same when it comes to your event - and we'll treat you like family.